Affordable and high quality pallet racking

Interested in pallet racking as a storage option? Get in touch with Creative Storage. We can help you with a racking system to meet your needs. We also offer safety surveys, repairs, signage, help and advice.

Durable, sturdy pallet racking

If you’re interested in securing some pallet racking for your facility, we are here for you. At Creative Storage, we offer a range of storage racking and pallet racking at fantastic prices. Whether you need standard warehouse racking or something more specific, you can rely on us. We can also supply van racking and specialised tyre racking. Contact us now.

Mezzanine floors

Whether you are looking for mezzanine floors for your office or warehouse, you can rely on us. We offer bespoke options. You can also rely on us for the supply of external stairways that can be used as fire escape routes. All our work adheres to building regulations. We operate across the South West.

We provide the following racking:

. Van racking
. Pallet racking
. Cantilever racking
. Specialised tyre racking
. Garment racking

Cantilever racking

Our cantilever racking may significantly increase your facility’s storage capacity and handling efficiency. In addition to cantilever racking, we also supply shelving and suspended ceilings.

Choose Creative Storage for pallet racking. Call us now on
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